Friday, June 3, 2011

Last weekend in Yogyakarta

My last weekend in Yogya, I wanted to relax, get rid of some of the language school stress and do some exploring.

I ended up spending a lot of the time with a woman I met at the language school. It was fun to go out and do some girly things. On Thurday night we went to the Ramayana Ballet at the Prambanan temple. It was a beautiful performance and I thoroughly enjoyed it (even if I don't really like endings where girls commit suicide to get the guy back).

Then on Saturday we went to the beach. We went looking for caves, but ended up seeing just one little cave and spending most of the day sitting at a beautiful restaurant with a pool overlooking the beach. I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to relax.

On Sunday, my last day in Yogya, I spent the day at Prambanan temple. It is a beautiful Hindu temple that is fascinatingly different from Hindu temples in India. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and was even more excited when I discovered the slightly smaller temple next to it that wasn't on the tourist circuit. So I got to spend the heat of the day with a beautiful temple all to myself.

On Monday I flew to Padang and have spent the last few days settling in and getting adjusted. So far, I have discovered that this is a beautiful city. I am surrounded on three sides by hills and the 4th side by the ocean. So I am feeling quite at home considering I grew up on the ocean and learned to love my hills in Tosamaganga.


  1. so glad you got to do some touristy things while you were there. that ballet looks very interesting.

  2. It was really interesting. I read the Mahabharata in India, but I didn't get a chance to read the Ramayana which is the other major Hindu story. So it was great to get to see a little more.

    I also really like the way they create these shows around the sites. I think it provides a great way to really start to understand what is around you. It reminded me a little of the light show at Karnak temple in Luxor, Egypt. I learned so much there!