Monday, May 23, 2011

First Post!

I decided to make a blog so that I can actually tell you guys a little about what I have been up to -since I'm too long winded for facebook status updates. ;)

First things first, Susan tinggal di Indonesia = Susan stays/lives in Indonesia.

For the first week and a half I stayed in Jakarta getting the visa sorted out, visiting with people at the University of Indonesia
and generally getting my bearings and getting over the jet lag. This process was greatly helped
by how nice Indonesians are from the professor who has helped me in every step of the visa process to the canteen workers who had great fun showing me all the varieties of Indonesian food. The picture shows the "UI Hollywood sign" when I caught it in front of a nice sunset.

I generally stayed around the university most of the time, but my major adventure was my train ride to the center of the city (I was particularly inspired by the riders on top of the train). I went
up the national monument"Monas" which provided great views of the (huge) city and a convenient two hour line in which to strike up conversations with strangers.


  1. Susan striking up conversations in a line... the start of many wonderful friendships? :) Did your friend explain how the people cope with building/rebuilding and how often does that volcano erupt?

  2. The volcano erupts in only one direction, but no one knows which direction each time. So many people don't have to rebuild, they just come back. But those who do, just have to start from scratch. So a lot of people don't come back, but may do.

    I'm not sure how often it is supposed to erupt, but it erupted in 94 and again last year. Some people are predicting an increase in the frequency of eruptions and worried about how little warning it gave last time, but no one really knows.